Blue Notify v1.1.0 & v1.1.1

Hi,V1.1 Widget

I’ve just released v1.1.0 of Blue Notify onto Android Market. This release brings:


  • Working widget!

  • Couple of bug fixes

  • Whenever it receives an IOException (due to not working net connection) it now retries after 15 seconds. This should fix the reasons for the app not notifying you.

  • Improvements in the opening of the Facebook application. It now works with both Inbox Messages and notifications connected to Photos, unfortunately the Facebook app won’t let me open up anything else. If you select the Facebook app as your launch preference then Blue Notify will fall back to the Touch Website for anything that can’t be opened in the Facebook application.

  • Preference cleanup.

</ul> I’ll post about what’s going to come up in v1.2 later :-)

This a bug fix release for the widget, although it seems that people are still having problems with missing notifications. Expect a 1.1.2 release tomorrow/Monday.