Blue Notify v1.1.3

I’ve just released v1.1.3 onto the Market. I’ve had quite a few people tell me that Blue Notify just isn’t notifying you, and I think I’ve found some possible reasons why. On my device (Desire) it has been working fine, therefore there is nothing wrong with the code as such, just that I haven’t considered devices with lower memory constraints (mainly because I lost my G1 last month).

Therefore as a quick fix, I’ve changed the app so that it holds a Wake Lock for notifications. This may or may not work, I’m not totally sure as I’m guessing as to why those people aren’t being notified. The next version v1.1.4 will have a logging feature in it which will mean that when people have problems, they’ll be able to send me a trace of what the application is actually doing.

The proper fix will be to move everything into a Service, something I was hoping against doing this but it looks like it needs to be done. This will happen before v1.2 as I want the basics completely working (well, 99% ;-) ) before I start adding features.

Sorry everyone if you’ve had any problems!