Blue Notify v1.1.9

Blue Notify v1.1.9 has just been released onto the Market. After hours of trying different things and pouring over logs, I’ve think I’ve managed to fix the notifications  stopping after a few hours. There was nothing wrong with the code in Blue Notify, seems like a Android bug to me but there we go. I’m now doing it all a different way and it’s been working great for me (and my beta testers) over the past day or two.

  • Major refactoring of code which is much easier to maintain. I’m now using a IntentService to do all the network stuff which should help to lower CPU consumption.
  • Notifications should now be fixed, as mentioned above.
  • New feature! It now notifies you when if it’s any of your Friends’ Birthdays today. This feature was planned for v1.2 but it’s working well so here it is. It’s currently fixed at refreshing daily at 10:00am, this will be an configurable in v1.2 though.

P.S. There wasn’t a released v1.14-1.1.8 ;-)

v1.2 Preview

Now that notifications are working properly I can started adding features again. This weekend is a Bank Holiday in England (3 day weekend) therefore I am probably going to spend about a day (or 2) working on Blue Notify. You can expect v1.2 to be out early next week with the following features:

  • New icons
  • Notifications for Friend Requests, Event Requests and Pokes
  • Customizable LED Settings
  • Configurable Birthday Refresh Time