f+ v2.0.3 (and explanation of recent bugs)


First off, I want to apologise for the bugs in v2.0.x of this release. It shouldn’t have been released like this, and it should have been tested more (with different people). I’ve been working all afternoon on this and I think I’ve found the problem.

f+ v.2.0.3 has just been released onto the Market. After reading through lots of log (provided by Michael Bernstein, thanks!), testing Facebook responses I think I’ve found what the error is.

In summary, Facebook just isn’t responding with anything for perfectly good Graph API calls to their server from certain users. Instead of a nice JSON response, f+ just gets the line ‘false’. Obviously this isn’t correct, therefore I’ve gone through all of the requests f+ makes to make sure they’re correct, and I’m pretty sure they are. Therefore the only thing I can think of left is that the permissions f+ requests when you login to Facebook aren’t quite enough. Therefore v2.0.3 will make you re-login on open to request extra permissions.

The F/C (Force Close) you’ve all been seeing is actually an F/C in the failsafe code in the Post/Comment view. It was put there as a failsafe if a non-valid response was found, it basicallylaunches the Touch website. This F/C is fixed in v2.0.3.

In summary, I’m still not sure whether the extra permissions will work, only you testing it can make me sure. If it doesn’t work, it looks like Facebook isn’t liking the requests f+ is making for certain users and I have no idea why. Fingers crossed then!