f+ v2.0.7(.2)

Hey everyone,

v2.0.7 has just been released onto the Market:

  • Now show Wall Posts correctly.
  • Changed the Service Icon preference so that it removes the text as well. Please be aware, disabling this will mean the service runs in the background which means that it’s more likely to be killed by Android. YMMV with it disabled.
  • Small UI tweaks.
  • Fixed bug where some images wouldn’t be uploaded for photo uploads.

v2.0.7.1 has since been released:

  • Fixes a small “bug” where the comments from a post which is unavailable (most likely due to privacy settings) are displayed, but the post doesn’t.


  • Fix for showing wall posts and links. Links need to be improved to show the actual link but everything else will be displayed for now.

Let me know how you get on.