f+ v2.0.8.x

Just released v2.0.8 onto the Market. It was mainly a bug fix release but there are a few new features in there:

  • Bug fix where posts without a message (mainly Links) wouldn’t show.
  • Moved the photo info ‘magic’ into the Service, stops the freeze while it contacts Facebook.
  • Birthday Refresh now checks whether it’s already refreshed today. Stops it notifying more than once per day.
  • Pressing on a person in the Like list now takes you to the person’s profile.
  • Added Acra Crashing Reporting.
  • Change the comment text box to auto-capitalise on sentences rather than words.
  • Some small internal changes to make it easier for me to manage.
  • Other small bug fixes I’ve forgot.

There is a known bug with the photo uploader where the application runs out of memory with large photos. I’m working on a fix for it and it will be out in the next release.

Today I released v2.0.8.1 and v2.0.8.2 onto the Market.

  • Fix the  “No network connection found popup”
  • Fix the running out of memory bug with the photo uploader. Also now gives a warning if you’re uploading on a slow network (GPRS/EDGE)

Just released v2.0.8.3 &.4 onto the Market:

  • Fixes posting comments on Wall Posts!
  • Re-added option to preferences where you can set what is launched when you open a notification. The default is the new Post screen but you can make it work like ‘Blue Notify’ did.
  • Changed the notification refresh scheduling so it works similar to how ‘Blue Notify’ used to work. I didn’t have a problem with the new scheduling logic but it seems some people did.
  • Fixes an F/C
  • Fixes support for small screens

Let me know how you get on!