Miui – iPhone-style Android

I’ve just put the Miui ROM onto my HTC Desire. In the good old days using my G1 I’d put a new ROM onto my phone couple of times a week but since I’ve had my Desire I’ve tended to stick to the stock Sense ROM with a couple of tweaks here and there. A couple of days ago though I put onto the relatively new Miui ROM onto my phone, which is basically a heavily skinned version of Cyanogen’s V6 Froyo ROM for Nexus One and Desire. Currently only officially available in Chinese, a number of people have translated it and posted it up on the web (see the following links):

Miui for Desire

Miui for Nexus One

You can see some screenshots of the OS below (taken this morning on my phone). It’s very iPhone-esqe but feels nice, still not sure whether I’ll go back to Sense in the future but I’m happy for the moment.