Email (K-9) Notification Setup

Due to Gmail blocking 3rd party access, we’ve changed our support for email notifications to K-9.

This guide assumes you have K-9 installed and set-up. If you haven’t, then you can see the K-9 user guide here for instructions of how to do so.

Using K-9 notifications means that the application will intercept any emails you receive from Facebook, and then refresh itself and thus notify you of any notifications. In simple terms, it gives you Push Notifications. To setup this up, there is a one time setup you need to do with Facebook:

  1. Make sure Facebook is set up to go to email address you have set up with K-9, if it’s not then this will not work for you.
  2. Open this link on Facebook. It will open up your Email Notification preferences: HERE.
  3. You need to tick the boxes so that you get emails from Facebook about notifications. You can see the minimum needed for FriendCaster: HERE.
  4. If you create a filter in Gmail to automatically label any Facebook emails (which I recommend), make sure you do NOT set the option to “ (Archive it)” or “Mark as read”.

That’s it, you should now start getting Facebook notifications!