f-plus v2.3.1

Hey everyone,

Just put v2.3.1 of f-plus onto the Market. It includes:

  • Marking emails as read (and archiving them for Paid users) now correctly syncs up to Gmail. Previously it would just show in the Gmail application.
  • Re-enabled GZIP compression. Performance boost when getting posts and refreshing.
  • Free: Fix FC on Photo Uploader caused by some Admob remnants which I didn’t remove.
  • Now uses Wake Lock for Gmail checking. Stops service being killed.
  • Changed the pattern F-Plus looks for to match Facebook emails from just ‘@facebookmail.com’ to ‘@facebook*’. Hopefully should enable more users for notifications.

There seems to be a problem with the app on Donut at the moment (it seems it’s VM can’t handle some of the optimizations). I’m going away for the weekend but should have a fix out on Sunday.

Let me know how you get on.