Progress over Christmas

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update for you all. I’ve just got back home from Christmas celebrations with the family to an Inbox filled with f-plus related emails for me to sift through. I decided that I wasn’t going to take my laptop or reply to email over the period as I needed a bit of a break :-D

Anyway,  today I’ve fixed several things that people have emailed me about, and will continue to work on new stuff over the next day or so. Here’s a list of what you can expect in the next release (v2.4):

  • Birthday Notification launching fixed.
  • Fix for a couple of FCs that have cropped up in the Crash Report logs.
  • New version of the database library F-Plus uses (OrmLite).
  • Better interface Posts with Media Items (such as a multiple photos). There’s now a scrolling image widget (Gallery) which will display all the images that Post references.
  • (Basic) News Feed

Expect it to be out tomorrow some time.