f-plus v2.4

Version 2.4 was released earlier. Here’s a quick changelog:

  • Birthday Notification launching fixed.
  • Fix for a couple of FCs that have cropped up in the Crash Report logs.
  • New version of the database library F-Plus uses (OrmLite).
  • (Basic) News Feed
  • Ability to Like comments and Photos
  • Removed Places (will be back much improved in a later release).
  • New version of Database library should fix the corrupt database problem
  • Fixed bug where the time would not be correct
  • Fixed bug of profile pictures not updating (cached images now go ‘stale’ after 5 days).

I’ve had a report of problems when using the “Delete Email” option for Gmail in the Paid version (Free version doesn’t have this functionality). If you’re using this option and are having problems with missing notifications, disable the option for now. I’m looking into this.

The next major release will be version 3.0 which will include Friend Walls and Profiles, the only releases in between (if any) will be small bug fix releases.