f-plus v3.0 Public Beta 1

Hi everyone,

I’ve personally I’ve decided that version 3.0 should be a public beta. I’m only releasing the ‘free’ version of the application as a beta (for obvious reasons).

  • New Profile Screen (icons need to be finished for final release).
  • Correctly launches Group and Event links in new profile screen (can see wall and other info).
    • The ability to RSVP to events will be in the final version.
  • New ActionBar (try pressing on a comment & long-pressing on Post)
  • Fix broken timestamp
  • Fix Friend Birthday’s
  • Lots and lots of other stuff.
  • Crash Reporting logic has reversed. Please go into the Preferences –> Advanced Settings and untick ‘Disable Crash Debugging’.

Let me know how you get on, and if you have any problems!


Installation Instructions

Copy the apk file above onto the External Memory (SD Card, etc) of your phone. Then using a file manager on your phone, navigate to the apk file and open it. It should install as normal.