f-plus v3.0 Public Beta 2

Hi everyone,

Here’s beta 2 which I’ve been working on over the last couple of days. On top of the features in Beta 1, it includes:

  • Automatically hides “Post Status” Textbox when not at the top of the NewsFeed/Wall list.
  • Add View Profile link to ActionBar for Posts & Comments.
  • Now downloads all comments & likes (previously it would cut off at 25). Just keep in mind that the more comments there are, the longer it takes to download.
  • New Photos tab under Profiles which shows tagged photos.
  • New Event Attendee List, RSVP and clickable Location for Events. (Under Info when looking at an Event).
  • Other fixes here and there.


Let me know how you get on, this will be the last beta before release.

On a separate note, I have noticed that the parsing of data from Facebook is a bit slow. This is due to the JSON parser in Android being very slow. I can improve it by moving to a different JSON parser but this would make the apk download around 700k larger.

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