f-plus v3.0.1

Hey everyone,

Here’s v3.0.1, a big bugfix release for the version 3 released a couple of days ago.

  • New Notification Popup! It’s not finished yet but will be for v3.1. Enable it under ‘Alert Settings’.
  • Fix for Database corruption issue. Should never happen again now and should give a small performance increase too.
  • Notification refresh performance increase (only downloads unread notifications majority of the time now).
  • Increased amount of Newsfeed/Wall posts each refresh (12 now, v3 was set to 10).
  • NewsFeed/Wall now starts updating before you reach the end of the list. Should make browsing more fluid.
  • New ‘Clear Preferences’ option under Advanced Settings. Might help people having login issues.
  • Small layout fix for RTL languages.
  • Fix for rotating Image Viewer not loading.
  • Fix couple of other FCs.

Let me know how you get on!