Flow v3.0.2

Hey everyone,

I’ve just released version v3.0.2 of Flow (formerly f-plus) onto the Market. The release includes:

  • New name & logo!
  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Better looking Friend List
  • Your profile now appears in Friend List (needed for Photo Tagging)
  • Fixed Notification Popup error
  • Notification Popup should now appear on Lock screen

The reason why the name of the application has changed is simple, I had to. I received an email from Facebook on Thursday saying that I had infringed their trademarks through the use of the letter f in the previous name. The problem wasn’t the actual use of the f, but the fact that it obviously referred to Facebook:

We are referring to your application in the Android market, the logo of which is derivative of Facebook’s lowercase f logo. Additionally, using the name “f+” does not meet our brand usage guidelines because the F in the name is meant to connote Facebook.

If I chose not to comply, they would revoked the application’s access to Facebook meaning no-one would be able to use it.