Roadmap for v3.x

In this post I’m going to detail some of the functionality I want to include in the app, and a indication of the likely release it will be included in:


  • Fix Birthday Notifications (needs a far bit of work).
  • General bugfixing.


  • Pull To Refresh. Similar to how ‘Twitter for Android’ and lots of iPhone apps do it. (about 50% completed so far)
  • Zoomable Images (about 70% completed so far, just need to integrate it with photo tagging)
  • Event syncing with Calendar (this will be a paid  feature only).
  • Setup Wizard. (Might be pushed back to v3.3)
  • Improved Widget. Lots of people have email me asking for an improved Widget, but I’m not sure what people actually want from it. Let me know.