Flow v3.1.1

Hey everyone,

I’ve just put v3.1.1 of Flow onto the Market. This isn’t a big update but it contains some nice stuff!

  • Fixed bug where items would be ‘one-off’ when Long Pressing. Will fix being able to copy/paste on the status input box too.
  • Fixed bug a couple of bugs with Birthday notifications. One where the preference wouldn’t be read correctly, and another where it wouldn’t automatically fetch your friends from Facebook if needed.
  • Pull To Refresh! This is currently just on List screens (newsfeed, wall, groups, events and albums).
  • Shake To Refresh! Same as above in that it’s only available on List screens. This can be disabled in the Preferences.
  • Slight re-organisation of Preferences.

I’ve tried to film the new refresh function, but the quality of my camera is appalling.