Flow v3.2

Hey everyone,

Flow v3.2 has just been released onto the Market. I know I’m slightly biased but I’m really happy with where Flow is at the moment! This release includes:

Checkin and Places

I know people were annoyed when I removed Places functionality, but to be honest it didn’t work. I’ve now added a nice new native screen where you can checkin. It now also correctly displays tagged users in Checkin Posts.

Post Tags

You can now tag your friends in posts, this is something that NO other app can do, official or not, iPhone or Android. There is a caveat to this, in that the users you tag are not notified that they have been tagged. There is nothing I can do about that at present, but I’m going to keep looking into it. Just make sure that you don’t change the tagged persons name in the post (this is a ‘bug’ which will be fixed in the next release). Because of this change, I’ve added some buttons to the post status screen. The first tags a friend, second provides easy access to checkin function and the last submits it all.

New Icons

I’ve also updated the icons in the ActionBar to make them consistent (and include missing ones).

Since 3.1

Since v3.1 released about a fortnight ago, there has been massive improvements in the app. On top of what was added in this reelase there’s been:

  • Added ability to select where to post links in (Newsfeed/Friend’s wall)
  • New Pages functionality (Likes and Managed Pages)
  • Pull To Refresh Lists
  • Shake to Refresh
  • Small Memory Cache for Newsfeed and Walls
  • Notification Popup that shows over Lockscreen
  • Ability to upload High Resolution Photos (paid only)
  • LOTS and LOTS of bug-fixing