Performance Issues – Facebook Bug

I hear a lot of people emailing me telling me that Flow is slow and is always loading. I decided to investigate this, and found this to be true. After some poking around I found it to be because of a Facebook bug. Basically Flow requests that data from Facebook to be sent compressed, thereby minimizing the amount of data transferred. All of Facebook’s old API’s support this, but their new API (Graph API) doesn’t, which means that all data is sent uncompressed. Flow was changed to use the new API as the others are getting “deprecated”.

In effect, to download the first 15 posts in your Newsfeed at present is about 15KB. Over GPRS that takes at least 4 seconds.
When compressed, the size is about 4KB, which would take about 1-1.5 seconds. That’s a quarter of the time.

I’ve raised a bug with Facebook therefore when (if?) they decide to fix this, you’ll all suddenly notice a big performance increase. You can help by “voting” up the bug’s importance: