Flow v3.3

Hey everyone,

I’ve just uploaded Flow v3.3 onto the Market. It includes:

  • Ability to Post and Comment as your Page! There’s no setup needed, just go to your Page and Flow will automatically Post/Comment as your Page instead of your personal account.
  • Fix for Events not displaying (again due to Facebook changing things).
  • New Preference to select how Inbox Message Notifications are launched (under Launch Settings).
  • Home Button to open Inbox Messages based on above  Preference
  • New Preference to make Facebook Notifications ‘Quiet’ (under Alert Settings).
  • Correct number of Likes are now downloaded
  • Fix Battery Consumption of Notification Popup
  • Improve the Checkin Places list, now more resilient to low accuracy locations.
  • Fix for Alternate Login problems with QVGA devices.

Let me know how you get on.