Flow v3.4 (with Screenshots)

Hey everyone,

Flow v3.4 is what I’ve been working on for the past couple of days. It includes quite a few new features which I personally really like:

  • Zoomable Images. For devices with FroYo and above, you’ve got multi-touch zoom and double tap. For those on Eclair and below, you’ve just got the double tap. I’ve removed the swipe to move to the next/previous photo too, there’s now two icons at the bottom of the screen.
  • New Post Status/Link Screen! The same screen is now used for normally posting & Sharing Links & Text (via the Browser/Twitter/etc). Sharing text also now works properly. This new screen also has the added feature of being able to select the Privacy for each post. New Launcher Shortcut is available too.
  • Notifications for Friend Requests, Event Invites and Group Invites!
  • The Newsfeed is now backed up with a database cache! This is important for two reasons, firstly when you first open the Newsfeed you’ll get the previously downloaded feed items, which is better than looking at a blank screen while it downloads the new posts. Secondly it paves the way for a bigger better widget.
  • Performance increase. I’ve removed some innocent looking code that, through analysis, showed that it wasted about 1-2 seconds EACH call to Facebook. This means that Flow will be 1-2 seconds quicker when downloading information from Facebook. I’ve tested the speed compared to the official app, and while Flow is still slower (~3 secs vs ~2 secs to get the Newsfeed over WiFi), it’s no longer painfully slow.
  • Possible fix for Thumbnails not loading and constantly showing as Loading
  • I’m 99% sure I’ve also fixed the problems people have been having with Flow not refreshing in the background.
  • Profile Screen  has had the top bar removed. It didn’t do anything anyway therefore I’ve removed it to save screen space.
  • Other small UI improvements here and there.