Flow v3.7.1


I’ve just put v3.7.1 onto the Market. It includes:

  • Add some error messages when logging in fails
  • Profile pictures are now deleted after 6 hours (should help make them more current)
  • Long pressing on a album now allows you see Album Comments
  • Massively improved look of the application
  • Uploading Photos to Groups/Pages now works correctly (only if you’re an Admin though)
  • Ability to set Deny List (as well as Allow List) for Post Privacy
  • Notifications now optional
  • Bug fixes!

Let me know how you get on…



v3.7.1.1 was just released onto the Market with some quick bug fixes for:

  • Donut Device FCs
  • Photo Uploading
  • Text Colour on Home Icons (for some devices)
  • Updated Translations