Flow v3.7.2

Hi everyone,

Now that Google seem to have fixed the Android Market, I’ve just put up v3.7.2 of Flow. This release includes:

  • New! Inbox Messages inbuilt
  • New! Clear Image Cache Preference (under Advanced Settings)
  • Changed Profile Picture refresh back to 2 days (if you want new profile pictures, Clear the Image Cache using the new option)
  • Fix for Friends not saving to database (sometimes)
  • Fix Likes count not being correct (Facebook changed something again)
  • New Take Photo Button on News Feed/Wall

Let me know how you get on :-)

Update – v3.7.2.1

I’ve just put up v3.7.2.1 onto the Market. It seems that the Google Spreadsheet that my Error Reports upload to, has increased to a point where I can’t actually view it (I need to start clearing it more often). This means that I can’t view any error reports sent over the past week or so. This release fixes that because I’ve changed the spreadsheet. This release also includes update translations.