Flow v3.8

Hey everyone,

Here’s the latest instalment of Flow. It includes:

  • New! Video Uploading
  • Performance Improvements for Uploading
  • Photo Uploads show now have the correct orientation
  • Video Posts now play in Video Player
  • New! Widget. This is just a start, there will be more sizes and types coming in future releases. When used, it’s currently set to update every 2 hours, I’ll add this as a preference in the next release.
  • Fix for Notification’s not refreshing in background
  • Fix for random Database FCs
  • New Long Press options on Inbox Messages (View Profile & Copy)
  • Links in Inbox Messages now show
  • Fix Checkin Places using old cache GPS location


  • Fix Video Uploads for Paid version. Sorry!
  • Fix Text Colour on Upload Screen