Pull-to-Refresh v1.0

Hey everyone,

I’ve just tagged v1.0 of the Pull-to-Refresh on the Github repository. This is the first stable release of the library and it’s now something I feel is ready for public consumption. In case you don’t know about it, here’s a list of the features in the library:

  • Supports both Pulling Down from the top, Pulling Up from the bottom, and Both at the same time!
  • Has implementations for all the AbsListView classes: ListView, GridView and ExpandableListView.
  • Allows Pull-to-Refresh even when the Empty View is displayed.
  • Animation Scrolling.
  • Has an integrated End of List listener.
  • Works with Android 1.6+

That being said I have a few things planned for future releases, the main being to make the library more generic! At the moment it’s very much tied to the AbsListView classes, but it doesn’t have to be. I want to do a small bit of refactoring so that it can work with any type of View, including WebViews. You can see what stuff I have lined up on the Issue Tracker.