Pull-to-Refresh v1.2

Hey everyone,

I’ve just tagged v1.2 of the Pull-to-Refresh library on GitHub. You may have noticed there was no v1.1 post, well that was because 1.1 was a small bugfix release. Version 1.2 though is a much bigger release.

Here’s the changelog:

  • New (better) way of handling Touch Events
  • Add new way for PullToRefreshListView to work. Allows the user to scroll while it’s refreshing.
  • Fix Pull from Bottom happening when the view wasn’t completely at the bottom
  • Allow outside code to update the Widget to be refreshing (see setRefreshing())
  • Fix Padding being doubled when added via XML
  • New Translations
Thanks to Steve Lhomme, who provided quite a lot of code for this release.


You can grab it on GitHub: https://github.com/chrisbanes/Android-PullToRefresh