Leaving FriendCaster

Hey guys,

Just realised that I have not wrote a post about me and FriendCaster. To cut a long story short, I stopped being the developer of FriendCaster with OneLouder at the start of January.

The reason for this is that I felt the time was right for me to move onto other things. I created the app (then called ‘Blue Notify’) in June 2010, and have continued developing it ever since. I loved every minute; creating a product, making it (fairly) successful and then selling it to OneLouder so it could continue to grow. I just felt that it was the right time to move onto something new.

This does not mean that FriendCaster is dead though, OneLouder were quick to get a new developer in and I’ve been helping him get to grips with the code ever since. We know that updates have been less frequent since last year, but this was always going to happen with the change of personnel. The guys are working hard on a new design for the app, which will make the app gorgeous! (You can see here for a early rough preview: http://yfrog.com/esiddgp)

In the mean time, I’m still contributing bug fixes when time allows me to do so, and am always in contact with the OneLouder guys keeping up to date with progress.