Friendcaster v5.0

Hey guys,

As you may have heard, Friendcaster v5.0 has just been released onto the Market sporting a new improved UI. Friendcaster v5.0 marks a big change for the app for many reasons, the main one being that there has been two of us working on it. You can find out more about FriendCaster on the official website.

Now I’ll get to the important bit, the new features:


New UI

Home Screen

We’ve redesigned the UI from the ground up to keep it more in keeping with Facebook, but also just to keep it fresh. We now show your cover photo (if you have one) on the home screen, as well as new shortcuts to the actions you do the most: posting, uploading and checkin.

News Feed

The News Feed is where the majority of the work for this release has gone. It’s been totally redesigned with new inline comments, a new scrollbar (à la Path) and high resolution photos (where possible). You can now also jump to a specific News Feed filter by long-pressing on the indicator at the top (the thing that says ‘News Feed’, ‘Acquaintances’, etc).


Lovers of themes and skins will also been contented with this update. We’ve added four new themes for this release, meaning we have six in total: Facebook Blue (Dark), Facebook Blue (default theme), Slate Grey (same as dark theme in previous release), Field Green, Sunlight Orange and Just Pink. You can see a screenshot for the Orange theme in the gallery below. There will also be more themes coming in the future!


We’ve also re-designed the Popup and gave it a new feature: ‘Zip It’ allows you to mute notifications from a certain user. You can see a screenshot below (and yes, she really does love this new update).

Photo Viewer

The multi touch zooming on the photo viewer has been improved so that you now can not scroll the photo off the screen. It’s now also much improved when you’re swiping through photos.


Another new feature is something we’ve brought over from the tablet side. You can now see all of your friends recent checkins on a map, pretty cool eh?

Setup Assistant

For new users of the app, we have a new setup assistant that allow you to easily setup the app how you want it, without being overwhelmed by the options available in preferences.


Other stuff…

As well as the new UI, we’ve also done a lot of work behind-the-scenes:

New Push Notification Server

We have a new push notification server which should make receiving notifications 100x more reliable, it’s also now available to all users (previously we capped the number of users).

Memory Improvement and Bug Fixes

As usual, there are lot of bug fixes in this release. We’ve also optimised the memory consumption and performance of the app so you should be able to use Friendcaster without slowdowns.

Contact Sync

We’ve added some more options for the contact sync. You can now choose how often it sync (defaulting to every 24 hours), and whether it syncs your friends status messages.

Photo Plugin

Last but not least, we’ve updated the Photo Plugin to Aviary‘s v2 app. It’s superb and a great improvement over the previous version. Make sure you give it a try.