New Website

So welcome to the new website (and new domain), powered by Octopress and hosted on Amazon S3.

I've been looking for a excuse to play with S3 for a while, and here was my chance. Octopress does have a bit of a learning curve, there is a bit of Ruby magic to setup before you can post anything.

Some things to come:

  • Make it look a bit more personal.
  • Styling improvements, it's basically just a tweaked version of the default Octopress theme.
  • Add Google+ comments.
  • Try CloudFront. As this is hosted on S3, pushing to the CDN is really easy. Not sure it's worth it though at the moment.

The one big downside to this setup so far is the lack of ability of remote editing. Obviously I could setup a Ruby environment on every machine I have, but that's not very practical. So I plan on creating a Dropbox + NAS solution which will means that I just have to drop a markdown file into Dropbox and my NAS will automatically pick it up, regenerate the site and publish it to S3. More to come on that in a later post.