So I bought a HTC One last week and have been using it as my main device for a few days now so thought I would write down some of my thoughts here. This isn't a review as such, just a highlight on some of things I like and don't like.

To be clear, I really like the device.



There's lots that has already been said about the hardware. It's the best hardware on a new phone I've seen for a long time (iPhone 4 being my previous favourite).


I use Google Tasks daily, and usually use Tasks by Team Tasks for my mobile task 'fix'. When I get my new One it was going to be one of the first apps I downloaded, until I saw that HTC has bundled their own Tasks application as part of Sense. After looking through the settings I found that it also syncs with Google Tasks, so I gave it a try.

It has one feature that I've wanted for a LONG time: to see my tasks in my calendar. I can now easily look at my day from the calendar application, meetings and tasks.


The UltraPixel camera is great in low light shots. I haven't played with Zoe much yet, but I liked what I saw when I did.



BlinkFeed is actually really good, I removed all of the social accounts from it and just use it for news in place of Flipboard. What I don't particularly like is that it is fixed to be the first 'panel'. I would much prefer it to be the middle panel, and then I can add panels either side for widgets, shortcuts, etc.

Hardware Buttons

A lot has also been said of the hardware button configuration on the One. I can honestly say that I don't notice it anymore, it just feels natural. If you're thinking about getting a phone, don't let this put you off.


Lack of Quick Settings

~~HTC took out the settings pane from the notification drawer. I'm not sure why.~~

EDIT: OK so the settings pane was added in Android v4.2 and the One is currently running v4.1. Not sure how I forgot that.

Lock Screen

~~There is no way of opening the Camera app from the lock screen. Considering most of the time that I want to take a photo will be from when the phone is off, it's a bit annoying.~~

EDIT: As David Wu pointed on on Google+, you can move the Camera app to your dock and when you drag that to unlock your phone, the Camera app will open.


Yes I mentioned that the camera as a positive above, but it's also a negative too. The UltraPixel camera is great at low light shots, but for everything else it is distinctely average. I know the theory of the lack of resolution, but it really does let down the quality if you want to print them, etc.